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Ness Horticultural Services, recognised as one of the main retailers of greenhouses in the North of Scotland, specialise in the supply and erection of a wide range of models including Robinsons, Alton and Elite Products.

Versatile and durable, our range of high quality greenhouses and summer houses includes various sizes, shapes and styles - from small lean-tos all the way up to large free standing houses with extensions and partitions.

Many of our greenhouses have been erected in the far North, North West, the Northern and Western Isles and have been proven to withstand the worst of Highland climate and weather conditions.

Ness Horticultural Services have many years experience in the horticultural scene and are well qualified to advise potential customers regarding foundations and the type of greenhouse best suited to their requirements.

Site preparation and erection can also be undertaken if required.

Brochures available for all types of greenhouse - just give us a call.

Quotes available on request.  Payment by cash, cheque and debit/credit card accepted.